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Miss Meaney's Ltd



Miss Meaney's Ltd started out in 2016 showcasing my personal fine art and wildlife paintings under a unique brand name, kick-starting the small business' journey. The styles and designs were created and developed across homewares, high-end silk fashion scarves and stationery products. The business now focus' it's product development on stationery design such as; bookmarks, postcards, greeting cards and gifting decorations for all the major seasons.

To begin with Miss Meaney's sold at small artisan markets and fairs across the borough of Essex and London, quickly building up custom as a giftware company and a social following. I'm proud to say with stockist now up and down the country, and selling successfully online through Etsy an, the business has now become self efficient and blooming into a recognised business.


Today Miss Meaney's concentrates on our environmental and ethical efforts towards climate change and our carbon footprint for the business. Most products created are made on recyclable materials such as FSC approved paper, printed with vegetable dyes. Decorations made from sustainably sourced FSC wood, and 100% packaging. 

With this in mind, I have also worked with a number of small British business' in producing quality goods, creating our slogan 'designed, made and finished in Britain'.


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Logo Development



Working with the graphic design house Forty8Creates a logo for the brand was created and this became the beginnings of the brands identity. 


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Wholesale Catalogue

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Customer Satisfaction

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