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Fine Art & Wildlife Paintings

 ©Emily Meaney

BlackBird PLAIN PAGE.png

Much of my personal projects and illustrations is inspired or informed by my love and passion of nature.

As a detail-obsessed illustrator, combining multiple processes to create intricate and delicate illustrations of fine detail and vibrant colour, here is a small selection of my handprinted wildlife illustrations.


Through this portfolio and also work shared under my Miss Meaney's label, I have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with  some prestigious clients such as

Alex Monroe.


It's a huge pleasure in creating fine artwork, detailed painting and expressing my unique style and

character for all to enjoy.

Pheseant whitebkg.png
hedgehog. hare.png
Stag. deer Whitebkg.png
bees copy.png
Puffins whitebkg.png
Starling. Robin.png
Squirrel. hare.png
BlackBird and S.thrush.png
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