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Design Licence

Winston & Potter LTD, Dorset

W&P ink splat.png
W&P ink splat.png
W&P ink splat.png
W&P ink splat.png

During 2017 I had to pleasure in creating a series of Dorset watercolour illustrations licensed exclusively to the independently ran  high street shop Winston & Potter LTD, Swanage, Dorset.


The artwork commissioned was to create a unique Dorset map, showing all the local areas of interest, and some not quite famous sweet spots that the locals adore. This collection was later created on a cotton tea towel, greeting card collection, ceramic tile coasters and fine art prints.

While working on this brief the shop owner Allison commissioned a revamp of their unique dog and cat logo, their beloved pets, Winston the Labrador and Potter the cat. This logo was launched with the Dorset collection and featured on all the products and packaging purchased from Winston & Potter.

After a huge summer success of the Winston & Potter Dorset range this was later expanded as a Christmas collection, also exclusive to the store.

Scroll down for more information about each project.

Winston&Potter Print_MockUp.png
Tea Towel_ W&P.png
W&P ink splat.png

Dorset Collection

Summer 2017

Stylised photos of the Dorset Map and photographs taken from the

Winston & Potter store.

Product images include coasters, tea towels, cards and fine art prints

Work in progress artwork

before scanning

W&P ink splat.png

Christmas Collection

December 2017

New revamped Winston & Potter logo featuring the shops beloved pets;

Winston the Labrador and Potter the tabby cat.

W&P ink splat.png
W&P ink splat.png
W&P ink splat.png
Winston & Potter Cards-01.png
Xmas gift tag_3.png
Tea Towel_ W&P Xmas.png
Xmas gift tag_2.png
Xmas gift tag_1.png
Xmas gift tag_4.png

With the huge success of the 2017 Dorset collection, this was further expanded into an exclusive Christmas collection.

These designs included some of the popular Dorset locations and a few new local favourites. The range was created into a collection of festive greeting cards, gift tags and a Christmas tea towel, featuring the local favourite spot, Corfe Castle.

*Images are a mixture of graphic mock-ups and physical store photos*

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